Abrams Mobile Document Destruction Service, Inc.
now accepts computer hard drives and some electronics for destruction and/or recycling..

Don't unknowingly allow confidential data to get into the wrong hands by tossing out old hard drives, erasing them, or worse, putting them in storage. If you are not using a secure destruction method, you are putting your business and personal data at risk.

We accept the following electronic devices:

⦁ computers
⦁ computer components
⦁ servers
⦁ battery backups
⦁ PDAs
⦁ floppy disks
⦁ zip disks
⦁ CDs
⦁ cassette tapes
⦁ cartridge tapes
⦁ DVDs
⦁ VHS tapes
⦁ reel film
⦁ printers
⦁ copiers
⦁ scanners
⦁ wiring and cabling
⦁ telephone switches and handsets
⦁ projectors
⦁ recording devices
⦁ audio/video equipment
⦁ cell phones that are obsolete due to technological     advances or when said device no longer works as

E-recycling is defined as zero landfill impact. All electronics received by Abrams Shredding will be securely and responsibly destroyed and or shredded. All material will be shipped to metal recycling centers.

Destruction is defined as completely destroying each item so that it can no longer be utilized in its original form or for its intended purpose.


Abrams M.D.D.S.I. will shred all material in a secure off-site facility. All hard drives will be shredded per National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA-certification non-paper media destruction standards.

How It Works

1. You will receive an E-cycle Disposal Record when materials are picked up for shredding/recycling.

2. All hard drives will be transported in locked containers provided by Abrams M.D.D.S.I. to the shredding facility.

3. Serial numbers of all hard drives or CPUs being destroyed for you are recorded, unless you have signed an agreement opting
    out of this requirement.

4. Any opt out agreement must state that Abrams M.D.D.S.I. is obligated, under NAID Certification standards, to have the Client
    sign the agreement if they choose to not have their serial numbers recorded.

5. The log or recorded serial numbers of hard drives destroyed is returned to you upon the completion of the service, unless you
    have opted out of this requirement.

6. Abrams M.D.D.S.I. will mail you a Certificate of Destruction along with a billing statement

Our Hard Drive Shredder

Contact Us for more information about our E-Recycling and Hard Drive Destruction Service.


We serve the following Georgia cities: Thomasville, Boston, Moultrie, Quitman, Valdosta, Cairo, Bainbridge, Blakely, Pelham, Camilla, and Albany.
We also serve the following cities in Florida: Tallahassee, Perry, Madison, Quincy, Chattahoochee, Havana, and Monticello.

Our Services include Shredding, Shred, Mobile Shredding, On Site Shredding, Document Shredding, Document Destruction, Mobile Document Shredding, Paper Shredding, Paper Recycling, E-Recycling and Computer Hard Drive Destruction.

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